Beveled Glass and Beveled Mirrors

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Beveled glass edges creates an elegant look, and is used often on vanity mirrors and wall mirrors. The beveling process uses diamond grinding wheels to remove a portion of the glass edge and then uses felt wheels and polishing compound to bring the edge to a shiny clear finish once again. The finished look is beautiful, enhanced appearance of any decorative glass or mirror project.

Beveled glass is usually made by taking one-quarter inch-thick clear glass and creating a one-inch bevel on one side around the entire periphery. Bevels act as prisms in the sunlight, creating an interesting color diffraction that highlights the glass, providing a spectrum of colors which would ordinarily be absent in clear float glass.

Square Beveled Glass

Beveled glass can be obtained as clusters which are arranged to create a specific design. These can vary from simple three or four piece design, and is often used in top lights (commonly known as transoms) of windows and conservatories, and with more complex combinations of pieces that are suitable for larger panels such as doors and side screens (known in the door industry as sidelites).

Beveled Glass has also been used with clear and colored textured glass to create interesting designs. Textured glass is typically 1/8" thick, and has a distinct visible texture. The combination of beveled glass is juxtaposed with textured glass creating dramatic visual effects.

If the edges of the glass are to be covered, like as in a picture frame, then no edgework is required. Such glass is referred to as "clean cut".

If the edges are exposed, like as in most table tops, then edgework ranging from a seamed edge up to a beveled edge is needed. Some of the more intricate edgework requires a thick glass. For example, a beveled edge can not be applied to single-strength window glass. OG edgework can not be applied to double-strength window glass. To learn more, see our glossary of custom glass terminology and processes. The team at A Modern Glass & Mirror Co. can also explain the exact glass thickness requirements for any and edge desired.

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